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Fitness as speedy recovery from injury?

This Wednesday I played another pre-season game with my soccer team. I got to meet a few more folks and it was a gorgeous evening. We were playing against the same team as the week before. 

We decided some warm up passes, shots on net and stretching should be part of our pre-game routine. During the first half I noticed we were all moving a little slower than the week before, keeping effort in the 60-80% rather than the all out 100% peaks. 

Near the end of the first half I pulled my left calf and it snarled into a visible knot. I joined another teammate who had pulled his groin, we were both feeling grumpy about being injured and on the sidelines. 

I tried stretching it out, massaging and got to the point I could walk a bit but there was no way for me to get back I the game. I left early feeling pretty bummed out. In the shower I tried some static calf stretches and I could feel the knot starting to unfurl. 

I read up on cramping and, of course, it’s due to demanding more than what my muscles can do. The solution, more activity!

The next day I hobbled the 2 km walk into work, gingerly exploring the edge of my range of mobility. It hurt but wasn’t debilitating. I didn’t take the stairs. That night I walked home, put a hot water bottle on the knot then rolled it out with a narrow roller. 

tools of injury recovery: A535 rub, spikey red ball, narrow roller and large foam roller.

Friday morning my gait had smoothed out, with just a mild limp. I could do the stairs. I stretched when I thought of it. It occurred to me that while cycling, walking, gardening, yoga and sometimes running are not specific enough to the movements in soccer to prevent injury they certainly have meant a speedy recovery. 

There’s a risk inherent to any activity. I think the couple days of discomfort are nothing compared to the suffering associated with not being active (like chronic pain,heart disease and type 2 diabetes).

It’s pretty amazing how easily I can get hurt AND recover, bodies are amazing. 

3 thoughts on “Fitness as speedy recovery from injury?

  1. Hey, sorry you’re hurt. Glad you’re healing fast. Soccer is fun but tough on the body. Take care!

  2. Rollers are the best, i prolaspsed a disc in my back several months ago and I don’t think i would be able to function without it! Sorry to hear you are injured hope you continue to heal fast!

  3. Sometimes more activity, means a different type of activity that is healing too.

    I will affirm it terms of general health and good fitness (not necessarily great), helps a lot for the rehabilitation process if one has a major injury.
    For certain having a concussion made me realize that though it took time for me last year to walk again (yes) without anyone beside me, regain balance and speed to move up back on the bike, full recovery would been made much more difficult if I wasn’t already a walker, if I didn’t already do simple yoga exercises (which I found physiotherapy coincidentally recommended certain exercises that had yoga influence).

    A friend’s 79 yr. mother (and grandmother) fell last Christmas on a bus that jerked suddenly, which resulted in a neck fracture, etc. Very serious. Now, this woman prior to this major injury (she’s using a cane and walker right now), was a strong walker (out walking her adult children), did fitness exercises and classes nearly daily (friend’s friends didn’t realize this incredible woman was her mother until later. They thought she was lonely, single woman.). Her recovery right now is progressing, but she is incredibly determined to do daily tasks herself, etc. For certain, her recovery is made a whole easier because of her good fitness and health prior to major injury.

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