Plan to live forever, live like you’ll die tomorrow

My mom called Thursday night with sad news. My aunt Suzann had died. She had not been well after a serious stroke before Christmas. She was in her 60s. It seems so sudden and while I had not seen her in quite some time her adult children and grandchildren are in my thoughts. 

When I think about fitness I often think of the long-term benefits of reducing risk of heart disease. Some of my exercise is motivated by wanting to live as good of a long life as I can. I balance that with the immediate payoffs of feeling good so I do activities I enjoy. 

My fitness activities can’t come at so high a cost to my current goods that I feel I’m only living for the future and not having fun now. I also know if I don’t think about the future I won’t do as much today. 

The more I learn about cancer & heart disease the more I realize much is beyond my control. It’s not about being fatalistic but more recognizing that genetics, socioeconomic status and my environment have a very real part to play in my longevity. 

My partner and I have had a lot of extended family members in thier 60s die. It’s hard on our parents and other family members and there’s not much we can do. 

 It’s sobering to think about death but also I am sure to create a life where I’m fit enough now to do what I want today. 

I hope your Saturday is a mix of current goods and things that will make your future good too.  

my neighbour Tara took this beautiful photo of my home after a storm last week. Sprng storms mean warmer weather is coming.
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