Biking Begets More Biking (Guest Post)

No one who bikes on the regular is surprised by the title of this post.

Last weekend, Catherine talked about minimal versus multiple approaches to sports. I agree with her that the benefits of more and different sports in my life outweighs the detriments to my performance in any one sport. I’m not in it for the medals at this point. I’m in it for the fun.

And to that end, the first social for our Bike Rally team this year was an adventure in Fat Tire Biking out at Horseshoe Valley in North Central Ontario. Sam has already blogged about her first few experiences with the sport and I will repeat the sentiment. . .that was one fantastically fun time. It is basically mountain biking in the snow, slowly, on really big tires. That meant it was a new skill for me because I have never mountain biked. It was mildly terrifying which means enough adrenaline to keep my interest but not so much as to put me off. It was hard work at points and there was much falling and hitting trees. However, we were going so slow that we didn’t so much damage to any one part of my body.

I brought my partner along with us and, being the type A thrill seeker that he is, he loved it. It turns out we could have even brought the dog. Next time!

It was a great first social and I hope it sets the tone of the team. Hard work, lots of laughs and no one taking ourselves too seriously.

As will become usual in posts that mention the Bike Rally, I end with a request for sponsorship. Our team page is here. If you scroll down, you can see a list of all the members of Switchin’ Gears. Pick a person and toss a few bucks their way. People With AIDS Foundation Toronto is a fantastic organization and this is their primary fundraiser. Most of the money goes directly to services to clients including medicine, food, counselling and other supportive therapies. Their aim is to help HIV positive folks thrive.


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