Is running cross-training for sex?

I was out running my first 5 km in a long time along the bike paths near my house. There’s a section with graffiti called The Banana Kingdom. 

If anyone knows how the name came to be I’d love to know!

It was Boxing Day and I had bailed on a ride with Sam & Kim. It was cold enough that even running in protected areas I needed my Chaos Tube doubled over my face.

The first half of the run went great and even after doubling back through The Banana Kingdom I felt unstoppable. Suddenly I got a fairly serious cramp in the side of my right glute, that part that clenches during hip raises. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so walked a bit then started running again. The left side did the exact thing. I ended up briskly walking the last kilometer home. I tried to figure out why I was hurting so bad since I hadn’t done much structured exercise Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Then it dawned on me, my muscles were tired because of having more sex over the holidays than I usually do. Talk about a sad middle age story!

I started laughing so hard I had to stop altogether. I never thought about how running and exercise in general support my sex life. I have more energy and I feel good about my body but even then the daily grind often leaves me too tired to tango. 

My one resolution this year is to have more epic sex! I can’t decide if the running and cycling are cross-training for sex or vice-versa. Either way I think ensuring I’m well rested will help all my activities. 

I hope you had awesome holidays too!

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