Singing the bad year blues

2015 has been the kind of year that has friends posting the images above and below to my Facebook wall. It’s not been all bad but there’s been enough bad that my friends are all pitching in to help.

There’s lots of love in my life and I’ve got some wonderful friends. This week the mail brought a beautiful knitted hat, bags of coffee beans, and an awful lot of chocolate. And then another friend and colleague dropped off pumpkin loaf. My favourite things…

It’s been a very hard year following on the heels of last year’s very tough year. Basically between launching young adults and caring for aging parents, middle age isn’t for faint of heart. In the first half of 2014, both of my parents in law died, one of ALS, the other of a stroke. I was hoping for a better year in 2015 but that wasn’t to be. Instead, this year I had thyroid cancer and my father was diagnosed with untreatable esophageal cancer. He died this month just before Christmas. (Healthwise, I’m fine.)

I wrote blog posts about remembering my mother in law and father in law but I’m not ready yet to write about my dad. Instead, I’m looking at old photos. I’m thinking about him lots. I’m having a low key Christmas with family. I’ve done some sad running. And I’m hoping for a better year ahead.

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