Peace, Love, Joy, and Fitness

I didn’t know about the different Christmas tree-themed fitness things until I started searching for an image for a Christmas post.  If you’re not sure what I mean, check these out:

And for the runners among you:


Plus there is the runner’s Christmas wish, expressed in this letter to Santa:


And finally, our wish to you, whatever this time of year means to you: may you enjoy time with those you love, time to do what you love, and good health and peace to you and those around you.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.


About Tracy I

Writer, feminist, vegan, triathlete, sailor, philosopher, sometimes knitter.

3 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Joy, and Fitness

  1. zoe b says:

    Happy Holidays! Thank you for the present of your wonderful blog ☺ Hope Santa was good to everyone and I hope today is filled with family, friends and wonderful memories! 🌲❄⛄🎁


  2. samratkel says:

    I love the alternate trees for the fitness oriented!!


  3. Really helpful guide. Thanks a lot for sharing this content!


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