Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #66

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right?

This body-positive calendar will make fuller figures feel fabulous every month the year

This new calendar will help fuller figures feel empowered and fabulous every month of the year, because sometimes it’s easy to forget that all shapes and sizes can be beautiful.

For her 2016 edition, Californian illustrator Jen Oaks has taken inspiration from the women of 1970s Playboy mags and created drawings of what she calls: ‘Ample babes and curvy vixens for your full-figured delight’.

And what a delight it is, because each month features a totally badass illustration of a phenomenal-looking larger lady.


1001 Fesses est un projet artistique mené de front par Emilie Mercier et Frédérique Marseille. Leur démarche les mène à photographier de nombreux postérieurs féminins, dans le but de montrer leur beauté et leur diversité.



Mirror Doesn’t Love You Like This

A creative documentary about the subjective experience of life modelling.

9 Things I Hope To See Happen For Body Positivity In 2016

 Almost every week this year, it seemed like my smartphone was buzzing with yet another Google Alert for body positivity. From people walking half naked in the streets of Germany to protest beauty standards to campaigns celebrating every size, shape, ability, and color, it started to feel like our culture, in quite a macro sense, was ready to begin embracing the simple notion that all humans deserve visibility and that all humans deserve to feel worthy, catered to, accepted, and, yes, beautiful.


I just set up my habit tracking spreadsheet for 2016, with updated habit goals.  Since I’ve been doing this for a year now and have accumulated a bunch of habit goals (one or two at a time!), I decided to group them by categories and color code them.

I shared a screenshot of my spreadsheet in a few habit groups.

(You’ll have to settle for a crappy screenshot, because I have zero photoediting skills and can’t figure out how to sharpen the image if I expand it).

In one group in particular, people got really excited and asked me if they could share and use for educational purposes. Presumably they also loved my broad based view of health and realistic goal setting, not just the pretty colors. So, I edited my template so you can download it and edit it for your own use. (The first tab in the document is an example of what the set up looks like for a first-time habit tracker. The second tab has “the rainbow spreadsheet,” an example of what it looks like for a second-year habit tracker – me!).

Now… is the really important thing. I KNOW EVERYBODY LIKES RAINBOWS and gets super excited and wants a rainbow spreadsheet of their very own…..

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