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Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #54

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right?


Body image gender gap: Women see themselves as fatter, men thinner

ALMOST half of Australian women who are not overweight are on a weight-loss mission but a quarter of “fat” males think they are just perfect.

A Roy Morgan study which highlights the disparity in body perception between men and women shows that, across all age groups, at least seven in 10 women want to lose weight and 50 per cent of those had a BMI under 25, which is considered in a healthy weight range.

A large percentage of men in the overweight BMI category did not want to lose weight.

17 Things Plus-Size Women “Can’t” Do

Wear bikinis, rock a crop top, wear tights, run a marathon, do yoga…

Plus-size vlogger rocks a bikini to put body shamers in their place

Fat Girls Deserve Intimacy, Too

To a person with fewer trust issues (and less experience with being told they’re worthless because of their body size), “a tone” might go utterly unnoticed, may warrant an eye roll, or might even lead to a stifled tear, but nothing earth-shattering. To me, that “tone” merited my storming out of the store, stuffed cart left abandoned mid-aisle (sorry for being that asshole, Michael’s employees!), and my walking (about an hour) home.

We’re proud of our mastectomy scars

THESE women wear the scars across their chests with pride.

It shows the world they are fighters taking on breast cancer.

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they agreed to be appear topless. Our inspiring eight are also baring their chests in support of Twitter’s Show Your Scar campaign for breast cancer.