Shouldn’t you be riding?

My social media newsfeeds are often full of academics, of all career stages, grad students through full professors, talking about how to get more writing done. A few of us have even taken to creating memes, Shouldn’t you be writing? Here’s the latest!


You can view the Facebook folder here and you’ll learn a bit about my tastes in attractive people and popular culture too.

But as autumn really starts to take hold and the days are getting shorter, it’s not just time for writing that’s in short supply. It’s also true that it can take a bit more organization and discipline to get out on my bike. So here, in the spirit of “Shouldn’t you be writing?” are my “Shouldn’t you be riding?” memes.

Enjoy and feel free to share your own. And yes, I know that’s the Lululemon Specialized team. They’re smiling and waving. Hard to find images of women on road bikes!

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and it looks like excellent riding weather. My plan is to ride three days in a row. See you out there!






7 thoughts on “Shouldn’t you be riding?

  1. Growing up my family used to take an annual bike weekend trip to the Elroy-Sparta trail in Wisconsin….usually in October. Your post just made me wish I were closer to home and could round up the family for a weekend away!


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