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Nature Rx: My prescription needs refills!

“Are you feeling tired, irritable, or stressed out? Well you might consider… Nature. A non-harmful medication that’s shown to relieve the crippling symptoms of modern life.”

I love, love, love the outdoors, and not just any outdoors. Though I do appreciate urban wildness, it’s serious wilderness that I like best. My short holidays into Algonquin park with a canoe have been among the best vacations I’ve had in terms of quickly getting a sense of peace and restfulness that lasts long after I get back.

Maybe it’s the beauty of the place, maybe it’s the wild animals such as actual loons and possible bears, or maybe it’s that cellular signal cuts off on your way driving into the park and I don’t wear a watch or look in a mirror the entire time I’m there. Life quickly takes on an easy rhythm of swimming, napping, food preparation and clean up, eating, paddling, swimming, more napping, sleeping…

I also love the lack of people. Normally I love people but a break from crowds is lovely and I appreciate the focused time with the people I’m with. There’s very little small talk with strangers, okay there’s almost none, and that’s my most stressful kind of social interaction.

My plan for the fall and winter this year includes more wilderness time.

I want to:

Ride my cyclocross bike on trails and gravel roads!

Cross country ski!

Camp in a yurt!

Hike in the woods!

See more here.

And then there’s this, Feeling awe may be good for our health.



8 thoughts on “Nature Rx: My prescription needs refills!

  1. So timely. I was driving on the freeway today to go to the maul so I could walk around. I thought, I wish I was closer to nature so I could walk in nature rather than the maul. Where to go in the city when you are tired of being bombarded wherever you go? I must get out more! Good post.


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