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Fit is Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #40

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right? Why does a fitness blog even care about body image? You can read about that here.

Lynn Bianchi’s Photos of Women Discuss Sex, Food and Beauty Standards

For Lynn Bianchi -and for everyone else, eating and sex are the most basic functions of a human body. Upon these two things, depends the future of mankind’s existence and according to the photographer, nothing sets the mood better than women cavort nude in celebratory displays of eating and dressing.

Discussing issues of body image and weight, as well as beauty and sexuality, Bianchi opens the dialogue on the concept of ideals, and how they have changed through the decades.


19 Men Go Shirtless And Share Their Body Image Struggles

The fruitless quest for a “perfect” body isn’t unique to women, though based on the body image conversations we tend to hear, it’s easy to think so.
Rather than obsess over attaining thinness, however, men are more likely than women to consider themselves underweight, and focus on getting more muscle tone, studies suggest. But there is a range of expectations for what a “masculine” body should look like — and negative associations with the ones that fall short. One study found that men linked being fat with “weakness of will,” while being lean and muscular was associated with “feelings of confidence and power in social situations.”

Health sciences students spread messages about positive body image

If you have recently walked around the Djavad Mowafaghian Atrium at SFU’s Burnaby campus, you might have chanced upon beautiful chalk drawings created by students taking Health Sciences 345: Tweens to Twenties – Texts, Two-fours and Tattoos. The drawings send positive messages on body image and are part of a class initiative that addresses eating disorders.

The course, taught by health sciences lecturer Rochelle Tucker, explores health issues faced by adolescents and young adults. These include bullying, non-medical prescription drug use, and sexual and mental health. Students learn how to assess adolescents’ and young adults’ health status, and also examine how gender, ethnicity, socio-economic position and sexual identity can influence adolescent health.


This Is What Curvy Actually Looks Like


8 thoughts on “Fit is Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #40

  1. Think some very important points were made here. I wished I had been more aware of these things when I was younger. Young girls today really have it rough. Thanks for posting!

  2. The guys talking about body image was cool- I love seeing more stuff for guys around body image, especially when you see how many of them say they feel like it’s not manly to talk about.
    I was actually surprised though with several guys who basically said they feel totally comfortable with their bodies and found myself wondering if doing that with women, would you find any women saying the same? I’m doubtful.

    1. Oh I think you would! I feel totally comfortable with my body – I could be a bit slimmer definitely but I’m not fussed about being so as I do a lot of exercise as it is and I love food! I wonder if there are less women than men who think that…. Not sure, but I am certainly more comfortable with my body than my (male) partner!

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