Looking ahead: The quiet season and the joys of fall riding

The Quiet Season | A Cycling Short Film

A beautiful short film about one woman, her bike, and the joys of riding in the quiet season.

I know it’s summer. But I’m an academic and at this time of the year my thoughts turn to autumn and the start of new classes. I’m writing course outlines,  thinking about the merits of final exams versus final projects, and logging into our university’s admissions centre to see how enrolments for my classes are going. Next year I’m teaching Sports Ethics, Ethics for an Online World, Introduction to Ethics, and an upper year seminar in political philosophy on  equality and why it matters.

I’m also thinking about riding. As the days get hot, I find myself thinking fondly of riding in 15 degrees Celsius. I love the beautiful fall colours and the joy of all that fitness accumulated over the summer with none of the heat and humidity.  If you have wondered about riding a bike, don’t wait until spring. Fall is a much better time to start! See Reasons to start riding in the fall.

See you out there!

(Note to blog regular readers: I’m actually away on the Friends for Life Bike Rally. You can about that here!)


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