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Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #33

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on our Fit is a Feminist Issue Community Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right?

Why does a fitness blog even care about body image? You can read about that here.

A beauty contest for vaginas, really

The traditional beauty pageant may be in crisis, with Miss USA deserted not just by NBC, but also its hosts, Thomas Roberts and Brooke Burke, after Donald Trump’s ‘Mexican’ remarks.

And so, thank goodness for Brian Sloan, a sex toy entrepreneur, who has given the tradition an innovative and democratic makeover with his “World’s Most Beautiful Vagina” pageant, a crowdsourced contest wherein anyone with genitalia vaguely resembling a vagina can participate and anyone with Internet access can vote.

Five Models Get Real About Body Image

#ProjectWomanKIND is a refreshing new web series that features models  Sophie Sheppard, Margaret MacPherson, Stefania Ferrario, Olivia Langdon and Jessica Vander Leahy having honest conversations about body image, health, femininity and womanhood.

One of the models and the project’s producer and director Jessica Vander Leahy, tells Cosmo that the idea came about after she and other models had discussed getting letters and emails from young women who were really struggling with loving their own bodies.

"I am content with my body." #freespo #bodyimage #bodypositive #affirmation

Women Are Using Men’s Nipples To Fight Bogus Nudity Policies

Here you go — you can use this to make any photo of a topless woman acceptable for the interwebs! Use this ‘acceptable (male) nipple template’, duplicate, resize and paste as needed, to cover the offending female nipples, with socially acceptable male nipples (like a digital pasty). You’re welcome.”

20 Photos That Highlight The Beautiful Diversity Of Plus-Size Bodies

Corissa Enneking is here to remind everyone that there is a lot more diversity in the plus-size community than the few plus-size women we see in magazines and on the runway.

In June, the fat-positive writer and fashion blogger created a body-positive campaign that represented plus-size bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Although mainstream media has only recently incorporated plus-size women and plus-size fashion, the type of plus-size bodies that are featured are mostly “white, under 30, on the smaller side of fat, able-bodied and evenly proportioned,” Enneking wrote on her blog, Fat Girl Flow.

Enneking created a callout asking plus-size women to submit images of themselves to illustrate the different body types that the term “plus size” actually encompasses. The results are a diverse range of beautiful plus-size bodies.