I love to swim!

Yoga feels really great and I have nice lateral flexibility that makes it fun. I’m a bit better on my bike and feel good in the saddle. Running, well, I run because it is an effective way to meet some goals. I mostly tolerate it. I enjoy walking but I LOVE TO SWIM!

It’s the deep breathing, the muffled sounds, the splashing, all of it. I’m lucky enough to live in a city with several outdoor pools and the ripples of sunlight across the bottom are mesmerizing, the epitome of summer.

The past week I got out 3 times. Last night with Sam, Mallory, Terry and Phyllis. We each did our own thing in the lane and it was fun to see us bobbing along in the leisure lane.

It’s just a week away until Kincardine and I can’t wait to get out with my friends!

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