Coming Soon!: Our Bodies, Our Bikes

“An homage to the classic Our Bodies, Our Selves, this encyclopedic, crowd-sourced compilation of essays, resources, information, and advice about the intersection of gender and bicycling covers a lot of ground—bold meditations on body parts, stories about recovery from illness and injury, biking to the birth center, and loud and proud declarations of physical and emotional freedom.

Includes accounts of bicycling while pregnant, tips about how to ride fast or what to wear when you need to look professional, stories of cycling with kids, biking with various experiences of gender, age, ability, sexuality, menstruation, chronic illness, an extensive and illuminating article about the vulva and contact with your bike saddle, thoughts about reproductive rights, and much more. There’s something for everyone in here, and something to expand everyone’s idea of what’s for them.”

You can order your copy here.

And I’m happy to say I have a piece in it about women’s bodies,  the history of feminism and bicycling and the ways our modern attitudes show that things really haven’t changed very much.

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