Throwback Thursday

A Tale of Two Locker Rooms, #tbt

Throwback Thursday! Here’s Tracy on a tale of two locker rooms

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Locker Rooms, #tbt

  1. I read the original one and some comments. May I suggest that shame isn’t necessarily the reasons for some slim women to be less nude or relaxed. Some of it is cultural. It really is. Even with my sisters, we were very respectful to one another and modest.

  2. And I’m someone who doesn’t even wear sports bras nor tank tops when I bike. (It’s ok, I’m preserving my skin across my back, upper arms….)

    Yea, I fit in real well with women who are more covered up culturally and for religious reasons. Seriously.

    It’s just the thinking that I don’t have “worry” about how buff/non-buff I may look at any time.

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