Where I find the time to workout

I’ve been asked many times “Where do you find the time to workout?” so I will share my secrets with you. First though, since I don’t want to self identify as a bad feminist, I need to do my privilege check. Being busy is automatically a privilege. Friends who’ve lived in poverty/through times of unemployment remind me that having a lot of time on your hands can be a sign that things are going pretty badly. So on to how my privilege plays out around time to workout.

So, here’s the deal. I have really low maintenance routines around my physical person. Some of it is because I’m a feminist (leg and pit hair), some because I identify as a bisexual/queer woman (short hair, no makeup), some because I try to reduce my environmental footprint (no dry-cleaning, hair dye, minimal beauty products) but a lot of my minimalist approach to myself is because I think I look just fine thank you very much. Plus my body gets me where I need to go with little advanced planning because I am able to walk and run, so the privilege is piling up.

I have an astounding support network (Hello feminist partner and low maintenance teens!). Single parents have way more care-giving time needed/ parents of younger kids/kids that need more care or have complex needs.

This isn’t to belittle the effort it takes to go on that longer ride, the pre-planning, and acknowledging the impact my training has on the rest of the family routine. In fact, where much to happen to shift in my privilege my workout is the first to go.

To be frank, I don’t always find the time. This past week is a prime example of me over committing while dealing with the consequences of procrastinating my schoolwork. I didn’t make one of the four workouts I had scheduled because I had to write papers, two papers in five days, because I hadn’t found the time to write them. So I chalk that up to a missed week and keep on trucking. It’s not like a few missed workouts derails the whole plan, it just calls for an adjustment.

So my secret is ridiculous privilege, what’s yours?

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