Serious off season training begins, now!

It’s the middle of January and I’m getting serious about off season training. It’s been going on for awhile but now it’s just one month until I’ll get to ride my new bike on the road, not the trainer.

I’m spending a week’s holiday in Arizona with my partner and my bike. (We’ve been there before and you read about my last Arizona cycling holiday here and see some photos here. )

I love this description of the terrain: “Long open roads that tend to be very straight with low rolling hills.  This tour has been designed to enjoy the warmth of long rides in the fabulous winter sunshine.”

In fact, there are hills but you have you to choose them and seek them out. I think we have one hilly day in the mountains.

I’ve got some new cycling goals for summer. Not so much distance, a bit more, but not a lot. But more speed!

I’ve got some running goals too, a faster 5 km and to be able to run 10 km regularly without injury.

I’ve signed up for the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon with Tracy, Mallory, Natalie, Susan and bunch of other friends too.

I’m doing the Friends for Life Bike Rally again with a different Susan.

And I’m aiming to do the MEC Century on August 30th, 160 km, the day before my 51st birthday.  I’m hoping to do some local bike races, and a longer duathlon or two during the season. Maybe this one again: Fun end of summer race, complete with age group medals!

I’m pacing myself right now. I’m doing a weekly spin class with Cheryl Madligar at Pulse Spin Studio and two trainer classes a week with Coach Chris. (See Tracy’s post about her winter basement cycling tour.)  I’m also spending time with friends on the weekend riding rollers and trainers together. See Spin, roll, or ride the trainer: What’s the best choice?

I’m also back at CrossFit and I’m a regular at Aikido.

I’m tracking all my workouts with Garmin Connect and tracking all my food with My Fitness Paul. (I like tracking.)

I check in each week with cycling coach Chris about how I feel and how training is going. It all feels pretty good.

So one month until I leave for Arizona! Whee! I’m excited. Can you tell?

And a big summer of outdoor adventures soon after that. Though I’m still hoping to sneak in some winter activities, snow shoeing and cross country skiing before winter’s done.

Here we go!

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