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Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #16

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Usually the posts are about body image. Why? Because those are the posts that usually have bare body bits in the image attached to them.

Thirteen brave Torontonians strip down and tell all about their journeys toward self-love. Find inspiration in their images and stories to jettison society’s toxic values and embrace the beautiful you.

If you’ve ever opened a fashion magazine in your life, you know there are only three types of bodies in the entire world for every woman everywhere. Apple (bigger on top), pear (bigger on the bottom), and bananas (straight up and down). And if you don’t fit into that, then you’re an … hourglass. You know, that thing you’ve never seen in your life unless you’re an 18th century detective counting down the minutes you have left to solve the case before the blacksmith’s wife finds out you think she did it.

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Women often receive conflicting messages about body image. Cosmo will release article after article of how to lose those love-handles next to an image of a supermodel, meanwhile Bruno Mars sings over the radio that he loves you just the way you are. But researchers say it may all come down to loved-ones to influence a healthy weight change.

I am a feminist (a feisty one) and a pole dancer (a sassy one). I don’t feel there’s a conflict. I am not a feminist scholar. Feminism and pole dance have many interpretations and mean different things to different people. My perspective on pole dance is recreational as a student and instructor. I don’t represent or disparage the exotic industry. That being said, pole dance is not exclusive to the domain of the gentleman’s club. Outside of its current role as a fitness activity, it has deep, historical roots from other cultures (see here). My definition of feminism is simple, Marie Shear’s quote “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

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6 thoughts on “Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #16

  1. i needed this post today. we should be able to love our bodies and not have ‘being skinny’ become the pinnacle of our everyday thoughts. thanks!

  2. A lesson in not letting stereo types cloud your judgement: “Feminism and pole dance have many interpretations and mean different things to different people.” Nailed it

  3. Love this! I especially love the piece about how to make your partner feel beautiful. In being in a relatively new relationship (2 years), it’s great to remember to not just adore your other in quite, but love and compliment them out loud. Appreciate the reminder. 🙂

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