Top ten posts of 2014

This isn’t a list of the the most viewed posts in 2014 but rather the 2014 posts that got the most views!

What’s the same as in years past? Our most popular posts are about body image and weight.

What’s different? Two of our most popular posts are from guest bloggers. Yay! It’s feels like we’re part of a real community of feminists writing about fitness these days.

Here’s the 10 most viewed posts from 2014:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence and Body Shaming. Really?
  2. image

  3. Does one of the fittest women in the world need Photoshop?
  4. Big women and strength
  5. image

  6. Men: It isn’t junk, Women: Stop saying you don’t need to see that
  7. Deadlift Day
  8. image

  9. Revisiting the Thigh Gap: Thin Body Shaming Isn’t Okay Either
  10. CrossFit and women’s bodies: It’s complicated
  11. image

  12. Fat, Strong, and Confident (Guest Post)
  13. Thigh chafing and the joys of summer
  14. image

  15. Losing 20 lbs: A complicated gift (Guest post)

Thanks to all of our readers, likers, and followers! It’s nice to feel appreciated.

One thought on “Top ten posts of 2014

  1. It’s sad that Isobel died due to severe, deathly weight loss. I heard from someone else at my workplace of a friend of his, who died in his mid-40’s from anorexia. He was a consummate marathoner, etc. also.

    I’m actually tired when people think I’m anorexic. Are they nuts? I suggest to them, maybe they should sit somewhere in Chinatown and look at the folks there: I’m average. Unbelievably plain and average.

    If they only saw much I scarfed down for a lovely meal and it stays inside my system for nourishment. Even people like myself don’t want to explain myself / family background (of healthy eating).

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