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Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #14

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Usually the posts are about body image. Why? Because those are the posts that usually have bare body bits in the image attached to them.

Tattoos have a long and culturally significant history—being used as a sign of initiation, association, clan, tribe, ownership, or sexual and personal liberty.

In Victorian times, upper class women had their bodies tattooed as a symbol of their independence. In her book Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoos, Margot Mifflin believes this was a “feminist gesture” with these women “taking control of their bodies when they had little power elsewhere.” Winston Churchill’s mother Jennie had a serpent tattoo around her wrist as a symbol of her feisty independence. However, not all Victorian women who sported tattoos did so willingly. Mifflin reports how some poor women were forcibly tattooed and exhibited in freak shows and carnivals.


  • The Pollee Urinal by UiWE: Because Girls Sometimes Need to Pee in Public Too!
    If you’re a girl who has envied how easy it is for guys to pee in public, Copenhagen-based UiWE’s Pollee urinal might be just what you’ve been looking for. The company has developed three very cool prototypes of ladies-only urinals that – unlike the more individualistic P-tree urinals recently profiled for men – present girls with a more communal and sanitary public peeing option. Of course, some ladies are more shy than others, so UiWE tested out three different versions with varying levels of privacy at the rocking Roskilde festival in Denmark earlier this month.
  • 2014’s Worst Moments in Plus Size Fashion and Size Acceptance — Because We Didn’t Get it All Right
    When it comes to 2014, this probably won’t go down as the year we got it completely right when it comes to size-acceptance and plus-size fashion. Even though we made some pretty exciting progress in the conversations around body image and had quite a few wins in the plus-size fashion world, there were definitely some missteps and cringe-worthy moments. From independent and infuriating social media trolls to giant business corporations to fashion magazines, there were plenty of frustrating and annoying moments that remind us why we even need a size-acceptance movement in the first place.
  • CURVES’ By Victoria Janashvili Is An Art Photography Book That Will Celebrate All Women’s Bodies

    Photographer Victoria Janashvili has set out to celebrate women’s bodies — especially bodies that are sizes society doesn’t consider conventionally beautiful.

    A new photography project, CURVES, will feature stunning fine art images of so-called “plus size” models like Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina. The book will be released in 2015, provided the project meets Janashvili’s fundraising goal.