What would you change about your body?

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

A few days ago I posted this link on our Facebook page: Fifty adults and children were asked the question, “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” (BuzzFeed)

The adults’ answers made me sad. They were the usual stuff. But I loved the kids’ responses.  A mermaid’s tale! A unicorn horn! A shark mouth! Teleportation! Wings!

And I wondered what I’d reply.

I’m already on the books as saying I’d like to be leaner. See Fat, fit, and why I want to be leaner anyway. But that’s for hill climbing. Maybe wings could help with that though. Or more powerful legs.

Next up: knees and eyes that work! But again with the kids, why stop there? What’s the standard?

This week in sports ethics class we’re watching FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement.

We’re talking about augmentation and the rise of the superhumans. Fitter! Faster! Stronger! Smarter!

It also got me thinking, playfully, about where else I’d go with it. Most of mine were balancing feminine appearance with athletic lifestyle demands. I’d love adjustable length hair! (See Athletic hair, helmet head, and summer time curls.)

But how about adjustable breasts too? Put them away for running, take them out for dancing.

Fingernails too.

I was kind of fascinated by contrast between the stripped down for speed bodies of sports versus the messy, unruly, bodies of femininity in our culture.

What would you change if you could?



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