November goals

helo november

I find it helps to have short term goals, medium term goals, and long term goals. Five years from now, what do I want to do be doing? What do I want to do next summer? But also, what do I want to do in November?

I’ll confess that November isn’t my favorite month. It’s the start of the cold and the dark, for one. It’s also the anniversary of my sister’s death and that makes me sad. And it’s also that point in the university term when I’m up to my ears in meetings, writing letters of recommendation, grading papers, preparing lectures, giving talks, etc etc etc.

So it’s good to have something else to focus on. For November I have three things I want to accomplish.

First, I’m training to test in Aikido. There’s no guarantee that I’ll get to test. Lots to learn and new skills to master between now and the test date, November 22. I’m committed to the process even if my progress is slow. Aikido, like yoga, is a practice. You can read about what’s on my test here: Training for my 4th Kyu Test in Aikido.

Second, I’m getting back to CrossFit  after taking the summer off due to injury (stupid knee), learning to once again to fit early morning high intensity exercise back into my schedule. The challenge is, as always, getting to bed early enough so I can get eight hours sleep and make it to a 6 am workout. The math isn’t pretty.

Third, I’ve never used a trainer over the winter before though I’ve done other things. See Seven winter cycling options (I’ve tried them all!) But this winter I’ve committed to working with a cycling coach and that’s part of our plan. I bought the trainer below and it just arrived in the mail. Now that weekday evening rides are over, Tracy and I will be both taking trainer classes with Coach Chris. and with Cheryl of Happy is the New Healthy. I hope to still get out on my actual bike in the actual outdoors on the weekends when I aim for the middle of the day when it’s lighter and warmer.

November can be a tough month for me fitness wise. University life is super busy, there’s no challenging rides to keep in shape for, and it’s tempting to let everything slide, rest, and start fresh in January. But this year I have other plans. A change is as good as a rest, my grandmother used to say.

Wish me luck!

What do you have planned for November?

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