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Fit is a feminist issue, link round up #6

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  • Mom’s guide to feeling better naked

    It took me some time to realize that conventional, magazine-cover attractiveness is sort of beside the point. And here’s where some more of those “yeah I know it’s logically true but I just can’t really believe it” platitudes start to make a lot of sense: Confidence is sexy. Feeling sexy is sexy. Having sex is sexy.In other words, sexy is something you do and someone you are, much more than it is the way you look.

    Keep on reminding yourself of that. Try to believe it.


  • Photoshop versus Pin Up Art
    “In most of the cases the artist made the image more slender and prettier than the actual model. So, nothing has changed…Waists get thinner, legs get leaner, boobs get bigger.”“Except that in these pictures, it’s … obvious it’s an illustration and that the woman pictured could look different, or could simply have been imagined by the artist. Photoshop presents an image of a real person, and the intention is to make you think they actually look like what you see. IMO, one is intentionally misleading, and the other is not.”
  • pinup

  • How boxing became the next big thing in fashion

    From Karl Lagerfeld to Alexander Wang, fashion’s stars are turning to the pugilistic arts for inspiration. So now you can look the part, even if you still can’t throw a decent right hook.