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Fit is a feminist issue, link round up #5

We usually share links on our Facebook page but ones involving nudity we’re sharing here instead. Read why here. The short version is we’re trying to avoid getting booted off Facebook for failing to meet community standards.

The glamorous history of pin up

The idealized images, sexual without being graphic, are a delicious throwback to simpler times, when a naked woman wasn’t just a click away. The arguably feminist images also scream of women’s liberation at its earliest stages. And while ogling attractive females isn’t really anything new, examining the brushstrokes that made them is surprisingly recent.


Wearing a low rise bikini when you’re a plus size woman

“I’ve never worn a low-rise bikini, not even when I was at my slimmest in high school or as a child. I’ve feared how vulnerable it would make me, much like I’ve feared purchasing plus-size lingerie for the same reason. But when I visited Mallorca, Spain, last week for my summer holiday, I decided to do something different. I purchased a plus-size, low-rise bikini (or “chunkini” as I like to call them) — one that would show off my belly, my back boobs, my cellulite and stretch marks and other such presumed idiosyncrasies. And I took to Formentor, one of the beaches with the best balance of locals and tourists. And I walked. I just walked, up and down the beach, trying to look my most confident and gaging people’s reactions along the way.”

Mommy’s six chins: Coping with body image bombardment

“Say what you will about the many layers of charged cultural information, good and bad, about the post-birth experience, but when your kid draws you with six or more chins, it might give you a moment’s pause. It’s a tenuous place to be – strung, as many mothers are, between the awe of the life-giving experience and the sleep-deprived, roller coaster ride we are on in what can seem like unfamiliar skin.”

Nude Yoga

“We can appreciate her alignment, or see where it may be off—either way this can reinspire our own practice. But perhaps most challengingly, we can use these photos to bear witness to our emotions: desire, or judgment, whatever they may be. And we can let it go, and ride the present moment via our breath. We can bring it, and ourselves, naked (we are always naked, beneath our clothes), as we are, to the mat”