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Fit is a feminist issue, link round up #4

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Some nudity, some NSFW images, but mostly lots of attitude. Love it.


We make apologies for our bodies, for the fact that we have cellulite or fat or any feature we don’t think is perfect or popular. If anything, we should be apologizing to our bodies. We mistreat them. We hide them under too many layers. We’re ashamed of them; and no one deserves that. It’s much easier said than done, but we should cherish our vessels, and we should decorate them with whatever we damn well please.

So, I am issuing a challenge to you, fat or thin, short or tall, whatever your shape and size may be: Buck the rules, throw off the fashion shackles, and dress yourself in the styles you’re lusting after. Because, life is too short to live in fear, and there are just too many fabulous things to wear.


  • Bounce your way to buff, trampoline fitness

    Park owners and fitness instructors say they’ve seen exponential growth in the popularity of trampoline workouts over the past two to three years. Only one or two people would show up when Sky Zone Kennesaw, in Kennesaw, Ga., first started offering trampoline fitness classes in 2012. “Recently we’ve had as many as 40 people in one class,” said instructor Hannah Howard. “It’s exciting to see how much it’s grown — it’s unbelievable.”