Bikido! This weird thing I’ve been doing lately

I’ve started doing an organized weekly ride with a coach and a group of athletes he trains. So far it’s been all women which is lovely. Speedier than my usual rides with friends. Fun.

We ride 40 km with a sprint thrown in at the end. Bonus fun. I love to sprint. Even though the town sign we’re sprinting for is up a small hill. Ouch.

But it’s Thursday evenings. Usually I do the advanced belt Aikido class on Thursdays and I’ve been reluctant to give that up. I’m one of the few green belts who has been invited to train with the blacks and browns. It’s an honour and I learn a lot.

To my surprise three weeks in a row now I’ve gone straight from the ride to Aikido. I’ve been arriving close to 7 pm, parking my bike in the dojo, and quickly throwing on my white pajamas over cycling gear.

There have been some glitches in packing for such a long day: lunch, dinner, and extra food because, well, cycling. But I’ve been good at remembering lights for my bike and glasses, other than my sunglasses, to ride home with.

My ability to do this, when I add in my commute and ride to the ride, about 65 km total, some of it speedy, is surprising me. It’s new.

It used to be that riding fast meant I was done after. Done, done, done. Now it appears I can do more. There’s no Aikido + bike duathlons, shame really, but if there were, I’m your woman. And this woman is feeling pretty fit for fifty.

Admittedly after it’s straight to the hot tub and sometimes second dinner after that.

I’ve even started riding Saturday mornings too, before two hours of Aikido, since the the Thursday combo is going so well. The Saturday rides are slower, more social, and they end in coffee and cake. See Natalie’s post about our first one.

Interestingly I’m not the only cycling plus Aikido fan out there. In my browsing, I found another fitness blogger who is all about cycling, running, Aikido, and more. His blog is called Run Bike Throw.

I know the whole “keep calm and…” thing has totally jumped the shark but I like that this appeared in an image search for bike aikido!

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