Product review: Arm coolers

Summer outdoor sports put one at increased risk for skin cancer. You can’t always stay out of the sun if you’re riding a bike lots and there’s only so much sunscreen you can put on. I blogged about summer sports and skin cancer here.

This year I decided to give summer cycling sleeves a try.

It’s quite a change from the days of my sleeveless jerseys. These are white and promise to provide cooling effects and sun protection.

The pair I bought came from Mountain Equipment Co-op. They’re the Castelli Chill sleeves.

I bought them for the Friends for Life Bike Rally when I knew I’d be out in the sun all day without easy access to sunscreento reapply. I don’t know about chilly but they did keep my skin cool to the touch. No sunscreen needed. And there was a tingly feeling at speed when wind ran past my arms. On hot days I’ll certainly seek them out again.

The Castelli Chill Sleeves are one brand but it seems everyone is making them these days. Lovely Bicycle reviews several other kinds here.

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