Canadian London is having a Tweed Ride: Hold the date!

On October 4th London, Ontario will be having a Tweed Ride.

What’s a Tweed Ride? It’s a group bicycle ride in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed suits. Any bicycle is acceptable but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. The other London’s Tweed Ride says, “Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated.The ride dubs itself “A Metropolitan Cycle Ride With a Bit of Style.””

I love tweed rides because they make it very clear that you can ride bicycles for pleasure and for transportation in everyday clothes, no bike shorts or jerseys required. Also, I’ve got to say that the aesthetic appeals to me even though I haven’t got an appropriate bike.

There’s some great fashion inspiration here,

And there’s great photos here of a tweed ride in nearby Windsor, Ontario.

See also Best Tweed Rides | Bicycling Magazine.

To find out more (such as time and location) and to stay in touch with cycling advocacy in London, Ontario, like the London Cycle Link on Facebook.

Here’s some photos from Tweed Rides around the world:

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