Bad race ideas? Prison Break!

I’ve written before about races that just aren’t to my taste. See XRated Run: One race I won’t be running.

And I’ve written about races that I think are just a very bad idea. See The skirt chaser: Worst race idea ever?

But I’m not sure what to make of this one, Prison Break!

It looks to be in its second year and in 2014 will be held in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Halifax. Here’s the basic run down:

You have been convicted of a crime
you did not commit

Equipped with a belt and 3 flags*, you have 3 attempts to escape.
*Flag football belt
Run a challenging 5 km course to make it to freedom.
15 obstacles will test your strength, your endurance, your dexterity, your brain and above all, your determination.
Between the obstacles, stay alert! The guards will want to take your 3 flags. If a guard takes one of your flags, your escape continues.

At the end of this physical challenge:

If you have no flags left, you will be punished and sent to the mud hole.

If you still have at least one flag left, you are free and a handsome man or a beautiful woman will be waiting for you with a cold beer.

For more details on the race, see RACE INFO

Read about the first of these events held in Ottawa last year here.

I guess it could be terrifying and triggering for anyone who has had bad experiences being chased by the police. Or who has ever been falsely imprisoned and tried to escape. Personally, people in uniform yelling at me and chasing me would be a bit much.

What do you think? Great idea, sign me up? Or fine for some but not to your taste? Or just a bad idea all round?

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