Penguin yoga galore

About two or three people a day find this blog by searching for “nude yoga” or “naked yoga.” (Here is the post they get.)

But this week a new yoga phrase cropped up: “penguin yoga!” Penguin yoga? What on earth could that be? I searched too, couldn’t resist, and now I have to share. Enjoy.

Penguin Yoga, on Deviant Art,
mom penguin baby doing yoga? – from Cheezburger
(of course)
An actual penguin sort of doing yoga


Turns out you can take any goofy animal, add yoga, and get lots of cute images. Sloth yoga? Check. Panda bear yoga? Check. Here’s 10 animal yoga poses…by animals.

You all know rule 34? If it exists, there’s a porn of it. See database here and xkcd cartoon here. There’s a new version, if a cute animal exists, there’s a yoga of it.

Sloth in Lotus Pose
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