One of my favorite things about Christmas day

I love getting out for a run or a bike ride or a hike with the dogs on Christmas day. I especially love the absence of cars on the road. One year it was above ten degrees celsius on Christmas day and we took our good bikes out for a spin. Beautiful.

It makes you realize how nice it would be if there were fewer cars on the road all the time.

This morning I ran with my son, the teen athlete, at my speed, because it’s Christmas. Aww. We just ran about 4 km around neighborhood mid morning. He gave me some tips on running faster and I tried them out for the last few hundred metres.

It’s amazing too how many of the gifts we exchange have a sporty flavour. Under the tree this year there were running gloves, and a neck warmer, basketball socks and sleeves, compression tights, running shirts, water bottles, and bike jerseys and bike socks. More fun active times ahead.

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