Okay, you’ve bought a road bike, now what?

A few friends have just bought their first road bikes and Tracy is shopping for one. That’s got me thinking about what you need besides the new bike to get started riding.

The list of things you need before your first road ride, or at least very soon after, is long. I thought I’d detail my views on what’s essential. Keep in mind that these are just one cyclist’s opinion. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

Mostly I do rides in the 50 to 100 km range (with occasional imperial century spikes) near and around my home town of London, Ontario. I don’t ride my road bike much into winter and beyond fixing flats I make no great claims of independence. That’s what the cell phone is for! I’m also an unrepentant cash and credit card cyclist. I travel light. I do do some self supported cycling holidays where I carry my own gear but I don’t use my road bike for that.

So here’s my list of what you need besides the bike to do the kind of riding I do:

There’s lots of other things you can and will buy. I love my cycling sunglasses, for example. (Worn with the arms over, never under, the helmet straps. See the New York City Bike Snob’s discussion of this, and other cycling faux pax in It’s All in the Details..For autumn and spring riding I love my arm warmers and wind proof vests. I have some lovely warm tights too. But the above is my list of things you need to get started….

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