The four eyed athlete

Image description: nerdy black glasses

There are many, many  reasons I’m not a pro athlete. Let me count the ways. Glasses are just one of them. But I am aware that they get in the way of even my recreational athletic activities.

My eye problems are complicated. You can actually read about them at the disabled philosophers blog.

Short version: My eyesight is pretty good really and my middle distance sight is just fine. It’s long distance and print I struggle with the most. But I can’t wear contacts so I am always trying to make the call whether to go without or to wear glasses. For soccer I wear them but I wear an older pair so I won’t worry too much about heading the ball and killing pricey frames.  For cycling I have special glasses, of course. And Aikido, it’s on and off. I take them off for rolling drills and techniques that involve throwing.

The Warrior Dash was a source of anxiety. Mud and glasses don’t mix well. But then neither does scaling obstacles without corrective lenses! In the end I wore my prescription sunglasses and I’m glad I did. I had to scrape mud off a few times but I did need them to navigate some of the trickier obstacles.

Rain is just awful for the active glasses wearer. I wish they came with wipers on some bike rides. And I’ve had soccer matches I’ve had to sit out because of rain.

How about you? Are you a fellow four eyed athlete? When do you wear them? When not? How do handle this quandry?

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