Loving and hating burpees: A midseason report on the 100 day challenge

Today is day 45 of the Burpee Summer Challenge. We officially signed on for the challenge and described its terms here. We started on US Memorial Day on the 27th of May. July 16 is day 50, the halfway mark.

Neither Tracy nor I have kept up with the unadulterated burpee challenge. Tracy’s modified challenge is described here.

My version involves not making up the missed burpees on the days I miss. Why miss days? Too hot, sick, too much other physical activity…..

So far I’ve missed six days. Not bad, I think. But I’d like to limit the number of allowed missed days to 12, I think. Otherwise I could get off pretty easy at the end.

Tracy and I were really impressed with the many versions of the challenge our readers had adopted. Turns out we weren’t the only burpee challenge people making changes to the original, very demanding plan.

How do I do my daily quota of burpees? Up to ten I did them all at one go but since then I’ve been breaking them up into sets. Today I’ll do three sets of fifteen. I’m not sure if that sounds easy but it’s not. Burpees are still hard. But when I’m feeling down I remember that when I started CrossFit fifteen months ago I couldn’t do a single standard issue burpee.

First things first, what’s a burpee?

“By combining squat thrusts with a return to standing in between each rep, the burpee is the ultimate full-body exercise. Just one seemingly simple movement challenges the muscles in your chest, arms, thighs, hamstrings, and abs. And because you’re using your full body when doing burpees, it’s one of the best exercises to burn fat.” From 25 Most Deceiving Exercises (They Tone More than You Think!)

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