21 thoughts on “Burpee summer challenge! We’re in. Are you?

  1. I was totally in the first time, when this was the Burger Summer Challenge. 😀

    Just kidding. I have just started working burpees into my warm-ups before I do weight training so while I don’t know if I’ll ever get up to 101, I will definitely take a modified version of the challenge and start adding one to my warm-up each time I lift.

  2. LOL, Caitlin, the burger challenge!

    I think I’m going to pass on this one. I can do a pushup; I can jump up into the air. But getting down/up off the floor is not a smooth, single movement for me, it’s a complex multi-limbed engineering feat that takes some time. So a single burpee probably takes me 40 seconds to do! But I’ll enjoy reading about everyone else’s progress.

    1. I feel like I’ll be good until about day 12 and then will be wondering why I agreed! But I’m thinking that even doing as many as I can every day for 100 days and committing to not doing less than the day before will be a good challenge.

  3. I worked burpees into my workout after trying a similar challenge to this which has evolved into me doing 40-50 burpees in the morning four days a week, either after yoga or before (assisted) pull-ups. It’s become a good way to help wake me up in the morning.

  4. I thought a burpee involved drinking a lot of pop at once! 🙂

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