Habits versus Goals

I’m a big fan of habit based versus goal based change. It’s one of the things I like best about Precision Nutrition’s lean eating program.

What’s the difference?

Rather than setting a goal, say completing a 10 km race in under an hour, you set out the steps and then commit to following the plan. Rather than picking a desired weight or per cent body fat, you concentrate on the habits that make for healthy eating. The idea is simple: Make small changes, live them consistently, and change will come. That’s the idea anyway.

What are the habits that the Lean Eating program focuses on?

The two key ones are ones Tracy has talked about in the context of overcoming overeating (Overcoming Overeating: Overview, Review, and Update) and intuitive eating (Intuitive Eating: What It Is and Why I Love It!).

The other is eating lots of veggies and a substantial amount of protein with each meal.

You can read more here: 5 Essential Nutrition Habits Via Precision Nutrition

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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I am also reading this book, The Power of Habit. I’ll report back…

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