Christmas Running Survey

photo(1)I was browsing around Fit for a Year this morning. John posted this survey, which he got from The Hungry Runner Girl. It seemed like a fun, seasonal thing to do (and also got me thinking about the Christmas Day run — will I, or won’t I?). So here it is. Other than the running question, it’s not really a running survey. But I like it anyway. Thanks, John and Hungry Runner Girl.

Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? Album: A Windham Hill Christmas; Song: O! Holy Night
Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? Looks like it’s going to be sunny (if chilly) on Christmas Day. Might be a good opportunity to borrow my mother’s Yak Traks for a test run. A mid-morning run Christmas run might be in my near future!
What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? The usual cereal and fruit, or toast and a smoothie. The food-fest starts later in our household.
Favourite holiday or Christmas tradition? Christmas trees and lights. I LOVE this part of Christmas. Makes it feel magical.
Real tree, fake tree or no tree? Fake tree that looks real.
Christmas pajamas, yay or nay? Nay.
Where do you spend the holidays, at home, with your parents, extended family, in-laws or friends? Every other year at home, every other year at my parents’ house. This year, it’s their turn to host.
What’s your favourite Christmas food? No contest: stuffing! And I make a mean vegan stuffing to go with my tofu!
Open presents all at once or take turns? We don’t do a lot in the way of gifts anymore except for the kids. But on Christmas morning we distribute the gifts then open them all at once.  We will do the same again when the kids arrive the next day.
Favourite Christmas movie? Love, Actually. Already watched it once this season, might do one more round of it before the end of the day on the 25th.

All the best of the season to you!


p.s. Samantha, I’d love to see your answers to this survey too. And anyone else, let us know with a pingback if you decide to post it to your blog (and credit Fit for a Year and The Hungry Runner Girl).

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