Inspirational sports movies: Where are the women?

Canada’s Globe and Mail just published a list of “Motivational masterpieces: 5 sports movies that’ll get you pumped.” Alex Hutchinson writes, “A good sports flick doesn’t just psych you up; it actually boosts your testosterone and makes you a better athlete. In order, a highly personal list of some all-time greats.”

Hutchinson’s list may be highly personal, fine, but it’s also a ‘veritable sausage fest’ (to borrow s friend’s phrasing that I now can’t resist using at every opportunity–thanks Shannon!) You can read it at the link above.

But I have a question: Where are the women?

Here are some of my favourite sports movies that would pass the Bechdel test:

1. Bend it Like Beckham

2. A League of Their Own

3. Million Dollar Baby

4. Whip It

5. Personal Best

Another fun list is here, at After Ellen: The 10 Hottest Women in Sports Movies.

What are your favourite sports movies about women athletes?

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